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Yuliya Vladkovska Artist Statement

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As an artist, I constantly seek to explore new techniques and challenge conventional boundaries. My work is heavily influenced by the emotional connections I form with my subjects, which I transform through the use of color, light, and shadow. My creative process encompasses a wide range of mediums, as I strive to continually expand the scope of my artistic vision.

The scale of my work is a critical element of my artistic expression, allowing me to explore the physical and emotional space in which my subjects exist. By using large canvases, I can engage with my artwork on a more immersive level, employing hand-crafted brushstrokes to produce pieces that are both complex and rewarding. My sources of inspiration are diverse, ranging from everyday objects to transformative life experiences.

As an artist, I am motivated by a wide range of creative influences, from classic painters such as Valentin Serov and Vincent Van Gogh to contemporary street artists like Bato Dugarzhapov, Sebas Velasco, and SPY. However, my sources of inspiration also extend beyond the realm of art, encompassing individuals from various disciplines who have a curious and open-minded approach to life. Ultimately, my goal is to capture the transcendent qualities of even the simplest subjects, resulting in artworks that are greater than the sum of their parts.

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