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Yuliya Vladkovska Artist Statement

1. Inspirational Journeys and Emotional Resonance

My art is a journey through the serenity of nature, the richness of diverse cultures, and the depths of my personal experiences. I strive to capture not just the visual splendor of these encounters but their emotional essence, translating them into vibrant colors and dynamic forms. My abstract work serves as a visual conduit of positive energy and inspiration, inviting viewers to partake in the joy and wonder of life's varied journeys.


2. Artistic Exploration and Technical Innovation

I am continually driven to explore new techniques and challenge conventional artistic boundaries. My creative process is deeply influenced by a range of mediums and the emotional connections I form with my subjects. Utilizing large canvases, I delve into the physical and emotional spaces of my subjects, employing hand-crafted brushstrokes to create complex, immersive experiences.

3. Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary Influences

My work is informed by a diverse array of artistic influences, from the classical mastery of Valentin Serov and Vincent Van Gogh to the contemporary vitality of artists like Bato Dugarzhapov and Sebas Velasco. This eclectic mix fuels my artistic vision, enabling me to capture the transcendent qualities of even the simplest subjects.


4. Intersection of Art and Technology

As an artist deeply passionate about the intersection of art and technology, I embrace innovative methods to enhance my creative expression. Technology is not just a tool but a collaborator in my artistic process, allowing me to expand the boundaries of traditional art forms and explore new realms of creativity.

5. Advocating for Well-being Through Creativity

Above all, my art is a testament to the belief in the power of creativity to enhance well-being. In my opinion, creative expression is a universal therapy, beneficial to anyone who engages in it. It is a powerful tool to overcome stress, negativity, and to heal mental or psychological blocks. The creative process offers me a unique language beyond words, enabling me to express and process emotions that might otherwise remain unspoken. Through my work, I aim to inspire, uplift, and provoke thought, encouraging viewers to embrace the therapeutic qualities of art.

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