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Museum-quality fine art print on 40x40 cm (15.8x15.8 in) paper with a white border.

Coral Doughnut

  • Two versions available. (Sheet or framed)


    40 x 40 cm; 15,8 x 15,8 in, sheet 
    77€ exkl. Tax


    53,7x 53,7 cm; 21,2 x 21,2 in,  passe-partout 5cm (2 in) framed
    250 € exkl. Tax 


    Print-paper: Weight: 310 g/m² | Whiteness: 93% | Dmax: 2.45 | Gloss level: satin gloss | Surface: lightly textured |


    Frame: a simple, elegant wooden frame that fits all types of motifs. Available with real wood veneer of maple white colour

    WIDTH: 20 mm DEPTH: 30 mm


    Unframed Version shipment: Max. 5 unframed prints per order To avoid exceeding the maximum weight

    Framed Version shipment: For logistic and safety reason it is possible to only ship one framed print per order. If you want to order more framed versions you need to make for each one a new order. I apologize for the inconvinience.

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