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Yuliya Vladkovska Biography

Multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur

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Yuliya Vladkovska is a multicultural artist and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Vladkovska started out as a cheerful small-town girl with big

dreams and ambitions. Growing up in a family of medical doctors, the young visionary was

fueled by a strong desire to follow her own path. She designed her own fashions and always

chose the third way in any problem she faced, never opting for the most glaring solution. A

friendly rule bender, she went her own way with a smile on her face, striving for peaceful

coexistence despite her rebellious streak.

At age 9, she enrolled in art school in Chernovtsy, where she studied every art medium

through the age of 14. She later went to a public National University - one of the leading Ukrainian institutions for higher education  to study math, a

subject in which she always excelled and that offered her a welcomed alternative to the medical

path of her family.

During college, she took a one-year break to live abroad in Sweden. That trip sparked a spirit of

adventure that had the young artist clamoring to leave her homeland permanently and become

a world traveler. After earning her degree in mathematics, she moved to Germany, where she

worked for the BMW Forschungs - und Innovationszentrum, the main engineering and

development campus of the BMW Group. She also held a position with the IT company

VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. Her work in

tech afforded her many opportunities to travel and helped her to hone her chops in sales and

business development.

In 2008, she again expatriated to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spent another year. It

was there that she went on maternity leave with her second son and had her first thoughts

about becoming an entrepreneur.

A year later, she and her growing family moved to Bergamo, Italy. It was in the homeland of the

world's most famous renaissance painters that she took up professional-level painting, creating

portraits upon request. She built a client list that included celebrities, entrepreneurs, IT

executives, boutique hotel owners, Michelin Star restaurateurs and many others. As she grew

her portfolio, she collaborated with Italian designers and architects to design private and public

spaces, exhibited in different cities across Italy and Switzerland, and began selling her work

abroad to clients in the UAE, US, Canada and many European countries. Through her this work,

she was granted admission into the exclusive Art Academies Carrara in Bergamo.

In 2017, then a mother of three sons, Vladkovska expatriated with her husband and children to

Bilbao, Spain and in 2020 turned back to Italy.  Today, she is dedicated to creating large scale,

expressive abstract paintings in her own studio.

A fierce believer in diversification and always feeding an insatiable curiosity, Vladkovska spends

much of her time studying nutrition science, psychology, AI and neuroscience. She can communicate, sometimes roughly, in six languages, including her native

Russian/Ukrainian as well as Italian, English, German, and Spanish.

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