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artist yuliya vladkovska in her art stud

Yuliya Vladkovska is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist globally recognized for her large, inspiring abstract works. She has been featured in both art and finance media and was awarded the title of Bestselling Artist of 2021 by Singulart.

As an art and tech enthusiast, Yuliya has carved a unique niche in the art world. Her passion for innovation is evident in her development of 'Art Companion' and 'Blood Checkup,' two projects that utilize OpenAI technology to foster educational engagement and promote health awareness, respectively.

Her work, characterized by a deep exploration of themes such as the intersection of human emotion, well-being, technology, and the natural world, is collected and celebrated globally. Yuliya's transition from the corporate sector to the art world showcases her versatility and the depth of her creativity, making her a standout figure in the contemporary art scene.

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Artistic Journey

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