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Yuliya Vladkovska is a multicultural bestselling painter, studio owner and entrepreneur.

Hailing originally from Ukraine, wanderlust propelled Vladkovska to leave her homeland after earning her degree in mathematics from Yuri F. National University in Chernovtsy. She worked for several years in the automotive and tech industries in Munich, Germany before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then Bergamo, Italy, where she took up professional-level painting. In Italy, she built a client list that included celebrities, entrepreneurs and executives. She also collaborated with Italian designers and architects to design private and public spaces, exhibited in different cities across Italy, Switzerland and Spain and began selling her work abroad to clients in the UAE, US, Canada and many European countries. Through her impressive portfolio of work, Yuliya was granted admission into the exclusive Art Academies Carrara in Bergamo. In 2017 she expatriated with her husband and kids to Nothern Spain. Today, she is back in Italy and  primarily dedicated to creating large scale, expressive abstract paintings in her studio in Bergamo.

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